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Oregon Literacy's mission is to:
Advance Literacy through Access, Advocacy and Alliances

Oregon Literacy builds services around access to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with literacy services, and to make those the best literacy services available.

Advocacy services are offered through Oregon READS, a partnership between Oregon Literacy and Verizon READS.

Oregon Literacy believes that sharing knowledge strengthens all of our programs, and to that end strives to create alliances that benefit adult literacy.

These prgrams and services are primarily created and delivered through community volunteers and interns, who care enough about their community to spend time improving the literacy services for our state.


Literacy Line
The cornerstone of many of Oregon Literacy's services remains the statewide Literacy Line. The toll-free hotline [800-322-8715] connects over a thousand adults with literacy programs every year. Since its founding by a coalition of literacy groups in the 1980's, it has helped over 20,000 people connect with literacy programs in their own communities. Answering calls for help every day, OLI ensures access to programs through partnerships with organizations as widespread as the Oregonian, OPB, employment offices, libraries, and other non-profits across the state.

Help Center
In the fall of 2003, Oregon Literacy formally launched the first Tutor HelpLine, to improve access to materials and information for volunteer tutors across the state. This new service answers questions and conducts research for both volunteers and volunteer literacy programs. The HelpLine incorporates the materials and resources in Oregon Literacy's Help Center, which volunteers made available on-line throughout the program year.

Oregon Literacy recruits tutors and students for all literacy programs through alliances with media outlets.
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